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Take on the unique challenges of last meter logistics with our revolutionary innovations. IVM solutions guarantee to meet your custom business needs – without the need for major capital investment. 

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Innovation and invention are the DNA of IVM. For the past decade, we have launched plenty of products and developed 4 software solutions. We continue to take our platforms to the next level; our technological advancements serve to further help companies develop sustainable, waste-free, and cost-efficient logistics. 


We offer high customizability with the help of our proprietary software: the user interface, the entire database, dozens of parameters, alerts and notifications, the reporting – all of this can be customized. Our team is ready to discuss specific requests and create a custom design that solves unique business needs. 


Return on Investment is not only achieved through the gains in efficiency delivered by our machines, but also by generating massive economies of scale thanks to the many reductions in costs and resource use of other departments and processes. 


Make even smarter decisions to increase your company’s efficiency. With the help of SaveLog, IVM’s proprietary software, you can generate and use transaction-based data, converting it into valuable information for consumption analysis. Harness the power of analytics to discover profitable patterns and develop predictions for future trends. 

Our Solutions

Last Meter Logistics for the total control of TCO

When companies ignore what happens on the finish line, the consequences can be costly. The last meters in micrologisitcs are as important as the thousands before them. Increase efficiency, optimize costs, and make sure your company keeps total control about your TCO and reaches its full potential.

Inventory Management

Master a whole new approach of your TCO for sourcing, storing, and selling inventory. Through our innovative inventory management solutions, you can get your stock to the right place at the right time and cost as well as price.

Vending Strategy

Developing a great vending strategy is the first crucial step towards successful operations. With our help, you can create and enact processes to dispense critical inventory items at the exact point of use whenever needed. While our software, SaveLog provides real-time visibility into inventory numbers and identification of usage patterns.

Asset Utilization

Why invest in buying multiple identical items, when their utilization per employee is far below the optimum?

Share and swap them across the organization, free-up capital expenditure, or reduce rental/lease costs by managing tools and small equipment in a smart way. Avoid excess purchases and manage your stock smartly by using SaveLog and enjoying its benefits.

Life Cycle Management

We offer an innovative approach to stock management and purchases. Keep track of the service intervals and the warranty period of the machine tools your colleagues are using. Create a closed, end-to-end system with SaveLog!

Machnie As A Service

Why make unnecessary capital investments, when monthly, economical rental fees will let you achieve more in cost-saving, process improvement, productivity – and all that at a faster pace? As we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we offer our MaaS as a highly customizable rental package.

Project Management

Undergoing comprehensive micrologistics transformation is no small feat. Now we can take most of the burdens off your shoulders, too; our Solutions Consultants will assist you with every step of the project, ensuring a smooth and efficient transformation.


Need counsel to decide which IVM Solution provide the best benefits for your company? We can help co-design high-impact strategies to leverage all the benefits that an IVM Solution can offer.


Making the most out of our machines, solutions, and SaveLog itself takes time and experience. We want you to reach this point of optimal operation as soon as possible. Join us on our comprehensive training workshops and learn how to perfect your micrologistics transformation.

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